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With years of experience in the automotive industry and strong central Kentucky roots, Collision Masters of Lexington is proud to offer high quality service for all of your vehicle’s damages. Whether you’re taking the kids to school, driving to work, or taking a road trip, we understand the importance of confidence in your vehicle. Our team counts it a privilege to repair damages to your vehicle caused by accidents, everyday wear and tear, weather related incidents and so much more so you can feel comfortable and safe to get back on the road and live life’s best moments.

Our Values

Our mission is to treat each of our customers like family.

Develop Relationships

We genuinely value our relationships with our customers and stakeholders.


We do the right thing, even if no one is looking. We do what’s best for the customer, every time.

Work Ethic

We value hard work and don’t cut corners.

Growth Mindset

In everything we do, we continually strive to be better. Our goal is to better ourselves, our work, and our community by working hard, every day.

Meet Our Team


David’s dream has always been to open his own shop service in Lexington, the city he’s lived and worked in for almost 30 years. Working in the auto industry all his life, David’s work with Paul Miller Ford since 1978 eventually led to his becoming the President of Paul Miller Ford Company and running a premier local body shop; these years of dedication to his work impacted lives across Lexington and central Kentucky. Under his leadership at a premier local body shop in Lexington, he was able to open five different locations across town. David’s servant heart and love for working with people allows him to get the work done while handling every situation with poise and grace.


Josh has a collective experience of 13 years in and around a body shop, the last six years of which were spent in management at a local body shop. Josh and the team strive to do what’s right for the customer and for their vehicles. Josh loves working in the customer service and auto industry, looks out for his customers, and genuinely wants to help others, not just those who are customers. His experiences in the automotive industry has grown his technological skills and he runs Collision Masters of Lexington with an innovative edge.


Tyson has worked as an estimator for the past six years and has an overall of ten years’ experience in customer service. He also worked one of the largest accounts at a premier local body shop where he handled high volume. Tyson has always challenged himself and strives for what’s to come; his attention to detail and organization skills are what set him apart from others. He’s a natural leader, excellent communicator and his ability to empathize allows him to do the best for customers  in every situation.

Our team each specialize in every part of auto body repair. With our experience and culture, we’re able to provide outstanding service that gives you peace of mind.

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